Anger to Rage


Ex-Army Ranger, Gerald Rington is in a duel against the wits of an unknown organization. While he confronts the teeth of this society trying to kill him and his family, he must find and protect the ones he loves dearly. 

As his gifted children help and hinder the process, Gerald must dodge bullets and government agencies who try to apprehend him for his high seas crimes, the technology he possesses and the genetic gift that the society wants to exploit. 

With the help of his children and the raw determination to see them safe, Gerald charges down the barrel of the gun to cut the head off the snake that is manipulating him and his family. With inventions from his 12-year-old son, he flies the world and maneuvers the depths of the ocean with a submersible air craft called the Zeppelin. Using tasered shotgun slugs and brute force, Gerald eliminates anyone who is a threat to his family. But can he eliminate a society with an unknown reach who is bound and determined to see his blood line terminated.

Paperback and Ebook available on Kindle