The Scholarship

woman in handcuffs holding diploma

Sarah Menendez is an out of control young woman who has a dark secret she'll do anything to hide. She sidesteps the law and a lengthy prison sentance with an offer to attend a business school. A school which she plans to ditch the first moment they take their eyes off her. Through constant surveillance and teachers who are always one step ahead of the students, she resigns her initial plans of escape for the morals and comradery that they teach at this unique school.  

Emotions run high as she joins twenty -three other women who had arrived on the wrong side of the law and were awarded a scholarship to attend a rising elite school where Fortune 500 companies flock to have a chance at recruiting exceptional talent to help run their companies. 

Through tears, blood and lots of sweat, Sarah struggles to deliver what the school is looking for to advance through its ranks and graduate on time. 

Release Date

JULY 2019